• The history of Atlanta Models & Talent, Inc. (AMT Agency) goes back over fifty years, and the

    strength of the agency, its reputation and success is largely due to the talents and forward-

    thinking of a few remarkable women. In the early 1960’s, Dot Barber had a small part time

    model agency called Model’s Inc. when she asked Beverly Needle Copen, on maternity leave at

    the time, to help her out.  Shortly after, Dorothy decided to go into real estate.  Beverly

    purchased the company for one dollar (legal tender).


    Copen was interested in expanding the business beyond fashion and photography jobs, and she

    started with the name.  Atlanta Models & Talent, Inc. was born.  At the same time, Edith Ivey

    and Jerre Enberg were hard at work with the successful Ivey-Enberg Talent Services in Atlanta.

    They set in place many of the standards of practice still in use today.  In the mid 60’s, Edith and

    Jerre decided to pursue their artistic careers and turned over their roster of 655 clients to Atlanta

    Models & Talent, Inc.  Meanwhile, Beverly expanded her own sales strategies and hit the road.

    She traveled to New York and L.A., fostering relationships with film producers and motion

    picture studios. She reasoned that there was no better shoot location than the South during the

    snow covered winter months up North. These innovative sales strategies paid off. Beverly was

    the first film representative from 1972-73 under President Jimmy Carter.


    In July 1970, Kathy Hardegree began work at AMT Agency as the receptionist. In 1976, she

    purchased the agency from Beverly Copen and was the sole owner until the sale of the company

    to Sarah Carpenter and Susan Fronsoe in January 2011.   Kathy served to establish the Atlanta

    chapter of The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences and served as Chair of the

    Atlanta Emmy Awards for five years. She was a founding member of the Atlanta chapter of

    Women in Film from which she was honored to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2004.

    In September 2010, Kathy was voted the SAG agent of the month, the only agent in Georgia to

    date to receive this honor.


    In 2005, Sarah Carpenter was hired by Kathy after spending years in the entertainment industry.

    At the same time, Susan Fronsoe transitioned from a 20 year career in acting and spent her first

    year as a manager in L.A. Susan moved to Atlanta in 2010 and began looking for representation

    herself.  Susan became a client of AMT Agency where she met Sarah Carpenter.  Shortly after,

    they discovered that Kathy Hardegree was looking towards retirement, and the timing was ideal.

    It was then that Susan and Sarah joined forces to purchase AMT Agency on January 27, 2011.

    The women opened the doors of the newly purchased AMT Agency with only two interns, and

    just three years later, the staff has grown to eight full-time employees.