• It is the mission of AMT Agency to represent unparalleled talent, who can truly rely on our

    proven reputation, attention to detail and business sense as well as efficiency and organization in

    the workplace. AMT prides itself on our hands-on approach that keeps us well informed about

    each of our clients. We make a commitment to be accessible to all of our talent.


    With Atlanta being named one of the top 10 Cities to be a Moviemaker in 2012, and film

    production reaching an economic impact of $3.1 billion dollars the city is quickly placing itself

    at the forefront of the film industry.  AMT Agency has recently had talent in principal roles

    working on projects ranging from The Walking Dead, Emmy Award Winner Homeland,

    Nashville, Catching Fire, Hunger Games, and Devil’s Knot.


    With AMT Agency, our talent will be knowledgeable and credible. Our exceptional talent pool

    will confidently portray the story and educate in training videos. We can also be trusted to sell

    your product with enthusiasm and you can be sure that we will complete your job–on time,

    within budget, and most importantly, we’ll get your job done right.

    Voice Over

    If you are looking for the voice or talent that is an ideal fit for a creative production or

    application, then you have come to the right place.

    As our voice talent step up to their microphones, we meet and exceed your expectations with

    excellence through the spoken word.


    AMT Agency’s distinct professionalism and expertise with clients has allowed our modeling

    division to grow in the ever-changing beauty and fashion industries. Our most recent expansion

    includes a fashion division, focusing on runway, showroom, and editorial bookings.

    The goal of this division is to focus on all aspects of modeling, from development to

    international placement. In addition to our already established lifestyle advertising and catalog

    work, we also provide individual guidance and management of models throughout their career.

    The division has the unique ability to hit all aspects of the spectrum while simultaneously

    scouting for the industry’s freshest and most beautiful faces.

    Convention/Special Events

    AMT Agency is the premier talent agency in the greater Atlanta area, with knowledgeable and

    dedicated team members, exceptional talent and a proven record of service. Your experience

    with us will be effective, easy and rewarding. With our select and exclusive roster of highly

    skilled and motivated narrators, models, hosts, product specialists and crowd gatherers, we will

    find the perfect fit for whatever your needs.

    It is our mission to provide unparalleled talent that will bring to life your company’s brand,

    clearly communicate your message, generate business and maximize budget.

    Last minute help, no problem.  We will work quickly to accommodate your needs.

    We have the reputation and experience to provide a wide range of services.